Website Management

Customize Your Website to Meet Your Needs

Revamping Old Themes - New Theme Installations on existing sites

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I specialize in customizing WordPress website themes to better highlight my customer's unique business and services. If you want your website to work for you (rather than the other way around) - then we need to talk! I also implement social media options with all of my clients including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and/or YouTube. I also provide on-going support for building content and writing informative articles and blogs to help you keep your website up-to-date, vital and worth coming back to time and time again.

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If you downloaded a WordPress theme or purchased one from a designer, I can customize it for you to meet your needs. Adding new customized functions to your current theme can also increase functionality and provide upgraded design elements and special features that are not part of your existing theme.The best websites are unique and custom tailored to feature your services. Your business deserves to be presented as fresh, original and savvy in today’s complicated digital world. My services are geared toward keeping your web presence fresh and SEO'd.

  • WordPress Theme Updates, Upgrades & Design Changes
  • Style, Font & Color Customization
  • Installation of new Plugins
  • Formatting Content & Pages
  • Analytics & SEO
  • On-Going Updates, Maintenance, Content Creation
  • Social Media Integration.

WP management services rates including all of the above serves is only $40/hr. Reasonable monthly rates are available for contracted clients with service periods starting 6 months. Just ask for more information!